What is the Diesel-Electrical Drive

Diesel-Electric drive (DE) which is also known as Hybrid Technology, is the best possible solution for both impressive performance and economic concerns. This system gives the opportunity to run the unit with both Diesel and electricity. It runs by standard diesel or electric power line which gives the option to run the unit from both sources.


Economic Advantages

There are lots of advantages in using a Diesel-Electric drive over hydraulic drives. In the first place, the fuel consumption is significantly less than the hydraulic drive which is really an effective impact on the overall costs (20-40% less than hydraulic models).

On the other hand, Diesel-Electric machines require significantly less hydraulic oil, which reduces the costs of oil changes.


Ecology Advantages

The other positive impact is the operating temperature limit for crushers. The Diesel-Electric drive system provides the operator the opportunity to continue operation in freezing cold conditions which is a great opportunity for cold regions. For more information about Performing temperature for crushers click here.

Besides all these, the Diesel-Electric drive is the most environment-friendly system which is really an important benefit according to climate changes. As a result, buying these machines has a lower tax which is also another good opportunity.


As a recap

Here in Borotas we design and produce all of our mobile crushers and screens with Hybrid Technology because we believe that it will costs significantly less for our customers in the long-term, and they will be satisfied by the overall performance and efficiency of these machines. Also, we do care about the ecological concerns and we try our best to protect the planet along with satisfying our customers, And Diesel-Electric drive is the best solution for this.



What is the Diesel-Electrical Drive