The Operating Temperature For Mobile Crushers

The Operating Temperature, in different weather conditions, is a really important concern for the operators of construction equipment, as the diesel power machines can freeze at temperatures below -35°C.


However, Hybrid (Diesel-Electric) machines like Boratas BPJ-106 Mobile Jaw Crusher are more flexible in this area. The option of switching between Diesel and Electric power feeding gives the operator more space to manage the production during different seasons and weather conditions.


Unlike lots of small products, in this sector, it’s really hard to arrange laboratory testing for performing these giant machines in different weather conditions. As a result, every new machine has to get into different regions and make a real-life situation testing while performing. So here the amount of experience which a model has been into it has a great value.


For example, Boratas mobile crushers such as Mobile Jaw Crushers or Mobile Cone Crushers have been performing through different regions worldwide for almost 20years, from the very hot and humid conditions of Africa to the freezing cold and snowy weather of Russia. All this diversity of customers helped Boratas Company to gather valuable experiments and performing logs of real-condition diversity of different regions. These Hybrid dual power machines have faced a temperature of -25° in Russia up to 50° in Algeria. This is a vast difference of conditions!


Here’s a golden experience: Hybrid Technology acts a great role in the flexibility of a crusher’s performance in different conditions.


Furthermore, there are also other advantages in using a Hybrid crusher; such as cost efficiency, environment-friendly operating, lower tax as well as efficient performance. You can check more details of these kinds of crushers through this link.

You can also check this video to see how BPJ-106 Mobile Jaw Crusher and BPC-101 Mobile Cone Crusher run and perform in freezing cold conditions.


As a recap, the operating temperature limit for crushers differs from one machine to another, as well as different brands. This is where the quality comes in. But always Hybrid Technology expands this limitation.

The Operating Temperature For Mobile CrushersThe Operating Temperature For Mobile CrushersThe Operating Temperature For Mobile Crushers