What is Mobile Jaw Crusher

Mobile Jaw Crusher usually are used for the primary stage in the multi-stage crushing process. Primary crushers receive material directly from the mine or excavation source. Therefore, they are ideal for crushing the hardest large materials such as granite, gabbro, basalt, iron ore …

The work is applied by strong compression force against the material through a pair of jaws. One of the pairs is stationary and the other moves frequently. The material is fed through a V-shaped chamber, in which the exit is narrower than the opening. The space at the exit of the jaw crusher will determine the size of the crushed material. The crushing power is generated by a motor connected to a flywheel, which transfers inertia from the flywheel to the crusher.
Check this video to watch the feeding and crushing process.

Afterward, the primary crushed material will be moved into the secondary and tertiary crusher plants for reducing the size of the material according to the need.
Check this video to watch how a jaw crusher works in tandem with secondary and the screening afterward.

Because Jaw crushers deal with large-sized materials, they need to be constructed robustly and the quality of the construction is really important.

The size of a jaw crusher shows the size of the opening of the feeding chamber, And the size of the bottom part determines the size of the crushed material. Relatively the difference is defined as a ratio of crushing such as 6:1 or 8:1.

The mobility of Mobile Jaw Crushers is really a very useful and facilitating ability. Especially because they most probably work in tandem with other plants, the operator can easily move it around and adjust the position ideally just by using a remote control.

Also, Boratas Mobile Jaw Crushers (BPJ series) are using Hybrid Technology which provides the option of switching between Diesel and Electric drive. There are lots of benefits of using a Hybrid machine such as low fuel consumption and weather condition flexibility. You can check more information about Hybrid Machines via this link.


As a recap here are some benefits of Boratas Mobile Jaw Crusher:

  • Adaptable to all applications
  • Mobility, flexibility, and compactness
  • Safe and easy transport
  • Robust chassis and track frame
  • Robust and wear-resistant feed hopper
  • Low fuel consumption (20-40% less than hydraulic models)
  • Easy and rapid maintenance 
  • High uptime and high productivity
  • High crushing capacity
  • Low operating costs


 Also, Check this demo video of performing a Boratas Mobile Jaw Crusher

What is Mobile Jaw CrusherWhat is Mobile Jaw CrusherWhat is Mobile Jaw Crusher