Why Mobile Crushers

Nowadays, mobility, flexibility, and compactness are concerns for many customers due to production site limitations. This caused an exponential increase in demand for mobile crushers.


What Is Mobile Crusher

Mobile crushers are track-mounted stone-crushing machines that are able to be moved by the operator easily with wireless remote control. Because of using crawler tracks, it can move on any kind of surface with no problem. These mobile machines are used in different operations such as aggregates, recycling, and mining. Mobile crushers are a good replacement for stationary systems.


Why Mobile Crushers

One of the main concerns in the production sites is the hauling of crushing systems to different points and usually, it costs a significant amount of money because they would need a hauling machine or trucks to move and also it’s so time-consuming duo to installations.

But Mobile Crushers are the best solution for this matter. They are ready-to-use units and again thanks to the mobility feature, they reduce the hauling costs and increase productivity. The basic components of mobile crushers are almost the same as for stationary systems, but completely mobile.


Other Advantages

There are also other benefits in addition to the mobility advantages. For example, Boratas Mobile Crushers are using Diesel-Electric Hybrid Technology which provides significant efficiency in energy consumption, and as a result, they are better for the environment. For more information about Diesel-Electric click here.

Also, the ease of use and maintenance is another advantage which makes customers really interested in mobile crushers. The operator can easily adjust everything via an operator panel as well as the wireless remote control. Also, safety is another benefit here. Through the whole system safety considerations are applied, for example on both the wireless remote and the panel, there are emergency buttons that stop the whole system immediately as the operator pushes the button.


There is a range of different Mobile Crushers according to the need, such as Mobile Jaw Crushers, Mobile Cone Crushers, and Mobile Impact Crushers.

You can check the details about all features of these mobile crushers through this link.

Why Mobile CrushersWhy Mobile CrushersWhy Mobile Crushers